Special Assignments

New Unit

This prestigious assignment with one of our marque clients entrusts us with very closely partnering them to undertake a vertical startup of their greenfield manufacturing plants, where we take accountability for fulfillment of all positions at managerial and executive levels at the new plant. The scope of this turnkey assignment requires us to manage the entire recruitment process from talent identification to selection and concluding with the on boarding of new hires. As part of the assignment we have engaged senior manufacturing professionals from the industry for technical assessment, with commercial terms customized to ensure adherence to the stringent norms defined for turn around time and conversion ratios.

Our client is a most reputed & fast growing consumer products company in India and having very ambitious business plan to expand its manufacturing foot print in the country to cater to their growing consumer base. The client is setting up multiple large greenfield manufacturing sites across the country with each plant involved in production of 2 to 5 different categories of consumer products requiring diverse skill sets specific to each particular category. The green filed plants are being set up sequentially to adhere with the companies strategic business plan.

We have been very successful in partnering to start up 3 new plants for our client and have more coming up in the near future. The experience has been very enriching and having directly impacted a part of our clients manufacturing objective.

New Business

Our client, a global consumer products company; had entered a new country with a pending acquisition of a local business and needed to hire the management team as well as persons in key roles having high business impact. They faced a challenge in attracting suitable local talent as awareness of the company brand was low. We were recommended to the client based on the reputation of our work done and were engaged to hire these roles in a defined time frame. Our task was to look at persons with experience in global companies having rich experience in adherence to world class standards to build the business while also integrating with entity to be acquired with our clients ways of work. We developed a hiring strategy along with collaterals on the company to build awareness and attract the right talent who would fit well in the companies work culture. All candidates were evaluated by a globally located panel with multiple stages of interviewers that concluded with final evaluation being done by the Global CEO. In a 6 month span we hired all members of the country level management team enabling the expats to return. Subsequently we hired persons in the revenue generating and compliance functions that ensured the company business was able to start up vertically.

International to International

One of our clients was setting up their very large business operations in Ethiopia and required to hire local talent who were familiar with the applicable compliances and statutes. The client required persons at the leadership level in several functions and particularly in the Finance functions. Their specification for the finance roles was that candidates must be conversant & have demonstrated experience in general accounting practices that are followed in Ethiopia and in India thereby restricting the talent pool available. We formulated a detailed plan for mapping such talent in the country with focus on Indian companies operating in Ethiopia. From the available talent pool we identified interested persons and post a detailed evaluation, represented 2 candidates of which a selection was made.

Expat Talent

Our client was a very large exporter for a specialized category of food products and their business was expanding rapidly. In line with their business goals they required a person at a leadership level with expertise in process and manufacturing in their particular industry. The industry type is specialized and the best process and manufacturing talent is located only in a few countries, they engaged us to identify and then attract talent specifically for these geographies. Our task required us to undertake an industry mapping followed by targeted search for persons having demonstrated expertise in production and processing across 4 countries. We undertook the search and were able to provide the top 4 best suited persons from which a selection was made.

CHROA prominent player in Airline Industry

A fast growing domestic airline was facing a challenge in filling its CHRO role which had been open for over 12 months. The client was searching for unique blend of exposure in business partnering coupled with focused exposure to talent management in the services industry. The client approached us based on our reputation. Our search for this role was focused on identifying service oriented organizations which have undergone critical transformation in past years and the key person pivotal in overall organizational transformation. A detailed assessment of each candidate was done with critically evaluating & analyzing - talent transformation journey, operating culture, career aspirations. Potential candidates were evaluated on competencies as per the clients framework to shortlist and represent the best 3. The role was closed within a month of it being opened to us.

CFOAn Global Alco-Bev company owing iconic Brands

The client had entered India by an acquisition of a local business and was looking to expand both from organic and exponential means. To build its leadership team with local talent one of the critical roles they engaged us to hire for as that of the Chief Financial Officer.

Our engagement on this assignment was exclusive and required us to find persons who have prior experience in growing the business from ground up and a strong understanding of the consumer products industry, preferably the Alco Bev Business or a similar business where there are strong government controls and restrictions.

We used our relationships and strong data base of the talent available in the consumer products industry to arrive at the most suited candidates for each role. This was followed by a personal meeting with each candidate where a detailed evaluation was undertaken considering requirements arising from our client's current stage of business and their operating culture. A final list of 3 best suited and interested candidates was put up to the client from which they selected the best suited candidate.

Director - HR AdvisoryOur Client is globally one of the best firms in the HR Advisory Business.Our Client is globally one of the best firms in the HR Advisory Business.

The Client has a very well established business in India providing prudent advise on critical aspects of the Human Resource function to a wide spectrum of industries including Governments and Multi lateral Bodies across the South Asia region. To grow their business with the central and state level Governments they required a person with experience in working with an HR Advisory firm of similar repute at a Senior Management level, prior experience of working with Government Clients and growing that business as well as having an MBA in HR from among the Top 3 most reputed HR Business Schools. This search had been started 6 months prior to it being awarded to us and given the limited number of persons with this experience (less than 20) majority of the talent pool had already been considered. An extensive research was undertaken even considering alternate & related talent pools which resulted in our presenting only 1 candidate who was finally selected.

Head Human ResourceAn American Beverage Company among top 5 in the categories it operates in.

The Client was starting its operations in India and required to hire best among the local talent available for the function. Our client required persons who have prior experience in growing the business from ground as well as in an established business with well defined systems and processes. There was a stated preference for a person with a strong understanding of the consumer products business.

We used our relationships and strong data base of the talent available in the consumer products industry to arrive at the most suited candidates for each role. A detailed assessment of each candidate was done especially considering the candidates fitment with the clients operating culture. A final list of top 3 most suited and interested candidates was put up to the client of which the best was selected.

Head Human ResourceAustralian multinational & Market Leader in a category of the building materials business.

The Client was revamping its leadership team after operating their business in India for 3 years and being straddled with problems of non compliance, unmet business objectives and low employee morale. One the most critical positions the company required was for a HR Leader who as part of the management team would transition the organization and bring it on a path of growth with a highly motivated team which is fully compliant on all requirements of India and Globally.

Our search for this role required a person who has experience in transforming organizations, has managed Business Partnering for a workforce spread across manufacturing and sales and is as at a salary band that this business could afford. Given our expertise in the HR talent market, we focused on identifying consumer product organizations which have undergone critical transformation in the last 5 years and the key person in HR who have been part of this team. Arising from this we presented 3 candidates of which one was selected.

Head Global RewardsAn Indian Multinational in the Pharmaceuticals business and among the Top 3 Indian companies in this industry.

The Role was responsible for development of the clients reward philosophy as well as design systems of processes for a cluster of countries across 3 continents of Africa, Europe and Asia which would then be run by the country HR teams.

Our search was focused on looking at Talent with very rich exposure to International C&B area with experience in reward design. There are very few persons with exposure and this category of talent is among the most paid thereby adding to the complexity of finding appropriate persons within the defined compensation band.

In catering to this requirement, we expanded the scope of search from multinationals with India based Rewards Centers of excellence to also include firms in the Rewards Advisory and Talent in other geographies willing to relocate to India. Our detailed search spread over a fortnight lead us to present 4 candidates of which the client selected the most suitable.

Head EngineeringA worlds renowned European client in the infrastructure space

A worlds renowned European client in the infrastructure industry providing metro rail construction services in India required a Head to lead the engineering function. The talent pool in this industry is very specialized and being a senior role it required person who have at-least 15 years of experience in the particular field. The talent available both locally and globally is very limited. We undertook this project considering local talent and then collaborated with other manpower consultants using the CBREX platform to identify the talent in countries where this industry is mature. The exercise was intense and after a detailed evaluation we presented 3 suitable candidates of which a selection was made.